10 Essential Every Day Carry Items for Men

10 Essential Every Day Carry Items for Men

A great Every Day Carry (EDC) shows the foresight to include what you individually require for your every day, and also the limitation to leave behind what you do not. You are perhaps already carrying this first core of essentials. For most people, they step outside the door after passing a three-touch pocket checked of the following:

A Good Knife

One of the most valuable things that you may carry is a knife. It is possible that you find yourself in a real survival situation, but if you have a good knife with you that could work for that in the future, that is a minor concern that you will take to your attractive little head.

A Lighter

My go-to way to begin a campfire is simply a cheap-ass lighter. It works in most conditions and fits in your pocket quite simply. You can be tempted to get a Zippo as they are cooler, but they do not send the fuel for so long. In any case, just ensure you have several kinds of lighter.

A Pen

A pen is useful for updating a to-do list in everyday situations, taking notes for things to remember or getting the girls’ phone number in the cafeterias. In a survival situation, it can be used to leave notes for rescuers or to write notes about the situation of water sources and other things in which it is possible to fall back later, while trapped, either waiting for the rescue or trying to get out. Read more.

A Notebook

It does not serve much to have a pen with nothing to write. The model of 3.5 “x5” with which I linked to fits in the back pocket quite easily, but you can get a bigger one if you have a bag for men or something.

A Cell Phone

A smartphone is truly useful for all the days when you can get all kinds of useful apps to keep your life in order, or in a survival situation, to do things such as the coordinates of your grid, show you where you are a map. Even you can store survival books for medical or plant references, etc.

A Flashlight

You can carry out something like this in your pack to ensure you don’t ever run out of power. What you carry in your everyday carry items would be combined with your emergency kit and camping gear as much as possible.

List of Important Information

You cannot always rely on accessing your cell phone to get phone numbers or addresses. Your phone can be dead once you surely need it or it can be stolen by a traveling band of chimpanzees without equal with matching hats and an addiction to Grindr. You can make a list of the phone numbers of anyone you must contact in case of emergency if you had to use someone else’s phone, together with any other information you think you may need that usually would have to disconnect your phone or internet.

A Real Weapon

You may not have noticed, but there are really bad people around the world. You may not know it, but many of those people do not follow the law and will carry a weapon even when they are not allowed to do so.

A Multi-tool

A knife is certainly the main tool you should carry, but knives have some limitations. Whether you have the room, get a decent multi-tool that will provide you a second blade, pliers, and many other suitable items.

A Bracelet

A bracelet certainly comes in handy to have something on occasion, but you need something more than what you can carry or use to do something with it.

So, that’s the list of the ten best every day carry items that you should have every time you leave the house. More details in site: http://finetailored.com/style-and-gear/everyday-carry/

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